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Medical Missions

Medical Mission Outreach Clinics are the cornerstone of Circle of Love Foundation's ministry.  They offer a unique opportunity for Christian doctors, nurses, dentists, physical therapists, and pharmacists and others in the medical field to be the hands of Jesus extended in love and mercy. As we work to alleviate human suffering, God works to open the hearts of those served so that they might understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our clinics last 3-6 days and are held in churches, tents, schools, community buildings, clinics and hospitals. Our goal is to provide each patient with individual medical attention and each medical professional the opportunity to serve the patient in Jesus' Name. 

People who are poor, sick and in pain receive quality medical care and free medicine, free reading glasses for those over 40, and when possible a Bible in their heart language.  As we demonstrate the love to Christ to them, they are willing to open their hearts to the Great Physician who is Savior, Healer and Provider. 

In our first 27 years of operation, we have conducted 120 clinics in 18 countries, served 116,000 patients. As a result, 31,000 people have been welcomed into the kingdom of God.

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