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Circle of Love Foundation seeks to bring about lasting changes through humanitarian programs.

Human suffering compels our compassion. Poverty, sickness, lack of education, hunger, lack of shoes and unsafe sources of drinking water are all areas where we can help.

Circle of Love stands behind our partners that are called to preach the Gospel.  Some endure tremendous financial hardships. We have supported partners in Laos, South /Africa, Thailand, and Guatemala

Grinding poverty, lack of education, lack of opportunities, and lack of creativity keep many new believers in a cycle of poverty and discouragement.   Access to a good education brings hope to the individual, the family and the nation.  We support higher education scholarships in Guatemala and Laos and prekindergarten education in South Africa.

It is the heart of God to protect and provide for widows and those being persecuted for their faith.  Circle of Love is sending support to 488 widows in Laos and also to persecuted Christians in Laos.  They are not forgotten

Having a school that is in good repair sends a message to students that they are worthy of a good education.  Having a place for new believers to meet is important. Empowering women to work toward their own goals builds character.  Circle of Love has finance house and church building in Laos.  School building and repairs in Guatemala.  We are currently helping 20 ladies build their own houses in South Africa.

Food insecurity has always been a problem for those who live in the lowest economic categories.  This has been compounded by covid=-9 and social responses to it such as unemployment.  Circle of Love has helped supply food in Guatemala, South Africa and Laos.

Jesus said to let the little children come to Him. When children are young, their hearts are tender toward God. They are also vulnerable to the ravages of hunger, disease and abuse. Circle of Love also support s children’s ministries and character-building outreaches to youth.  We also bring children’s quilts.

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